Hello, my name is David B Douthitt (DOUFO) My ‘music career nickname ‘DOUFO’ was invented by a friend that was unable to pronounce my last name

The nickname stuck.

Donut Over Unidentified Flying Object  huh?

I have been playing with tape recorders since I was a kid..Recording speeches, soapbox sermons, music demos etc…

I grew up later and ran around town playing in bands getting drunk and using drugs. Whatever….

Now I’m 50 something  and that lifestyle is long over . It’s now time to step up to the plate and record real albums ..Release  real albums. (demos?) Archive old projects. Showcase new projects. Take pictures about it.   Blog about it. Talk about it. Shoot videos about it. Dream about it.

All this and more before the Alzheimer’s comes and I forget all this nonsense.

Hey..My wife… and my dog’s agree… It’s time to throw some music to the world!

That’s why I threw this free website together. I mean..I don’t wanna have to actually spend money on all this! Would you?

Thanks for stopping by :)))))))