Holiness – DOUFO

I wrote a song, ‘Holy’  -back in 2011 and did a quick recording of it on a Tascam digital recorder.  I recorded a whole album on that unit but this was a simple demo with guitar and vocals.

I sent the files to my friend and musical mentor/partner over the years up in Mnpls MN. He added some more instrumentation to the track and produced it into this finished song!

In the meantime… My groovy wife Lucy and I took a little trip up to her hometown – Cleveland – here in dusty OK. I found some cheap drums I wanted on Facebook market and we cruised around town and filmed a few landmarks from when she was around as a teenager.

I found the ghostly abandoned drive-in particularly interesting. It’s a strange world.

I’m  pleased at how this little collaboration turned out. I’ll prob do another video of East Tulsa landmarks in the future as my ‘music carreer’ progresses..

Today I cleaned up that drum set I bought on that trip. I continue to edit, mix and master tracks for my first ‘album’ soon to be released on Itunes and all other musical outlets…
Can you believe it? We’ll see..

Here’s the Lyrics and the video for Holiness

Oh fly away – Oh fly away
To another place
Make me… Escape me
Slap the world, it’s face and all it’s trees.
Break the poor and bring them to their knees.
Spill the oil and blacked all the seas
Holy – Holy

Oh faith and praise – Oh faith and praise
In another place
Sing high – Sunshine
Fill the sky with smoke black out the sun
Sit around and wait for kingdom come
Shake a fist and make them want to run.
Holy – Holy

Oh far away- Oh far away
On another day
Change me – Rearrange me.
Make me wanna sing and dance and cry
Bring the joy into the children’s eyes
Help me not to ever wonder why.
Holy – Holy


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