2017 Tracking and Health

It’s almost 2017 and work continues on my debut ‘album’ Brainwashed- its my musical journey thru past addictions and a steep record producing learning curve.

I have discovered as I go thru the tracks that some vocal or other parts need to be re recorded. I will decide I don’t like a certain performance or style. I will continue using plug ins or editing  tofix it before realizing a new take sounds much better.

Or does it?

There has to be a stopping point right? It’s weird cause I thought I was finished many times in the past. I have most of the entire project uploaded to SoundCloud.

I have made many changes since I put that stuff up there. Is it any better? I hope so.

I debate with myself rather I’ll leave those old mixes up on SoundCloud.  I debate with myself over most aspects of my music career really. Uh Yeah….huh?

Anyway, 2017 is also a year to maybe eat a little better  too. I need to be a little healthier on my road to musical notoriety,  ya kno?

My wife and I discussed a few ideas… The mayo diet  the dash diet etc….

Eat less….move more?

Lets go!img_0309


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